Show Text Attributes in Tooltips

PowerBI allows users to add measures to tooltips. Many users want to add text columns as well. Today if you drag a text column to the tooltips, a count measure is created which is not very useful.¬†Before PowerBI enhances the tooltip feature by allowing users to drag text¬†columns to tooltips to show the text contents, you can make it happen today by creating DAX measures. Let’s say you want to add ‘Table'[TextColumn] to tooltips. Create a measure as below.

[TextColumn Tooltip] = TOPN(1, VALUES(‘Table'[TextColumn]), [TextColumn], ASC)

Now you can drag the newly created measure to tooltips. I have created a sample model with such a tooltip based on AdventureWorksDW database. As you can see in the picture below, when users hover over an individual product, the tooltips include the [Description] column for that product.



Show Text Attributes in Tooltips